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Chengdu water supply company said that the stainless steel files and signs on the tap water table in Chengdu city will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, instead of the bar code files and sticker plates with paste methods. It is reported that the use of bar code will lay the foundation for the next step of the implementation of intelligent look-up table in Chengdu.
According to the person in charge of the water company, the water meter record plate is an important sign of the water meter settlement, and it is also an important basis for the relevant staff to confirm the table. In the past, the stainless steel files and plates hung on the straight pipe section before the tap water table were cumbersome and easy to lose, and the cost of production was also up to one or two yuan per mu. In response to these problems, the company launched a bar code file number in a number of new users since September. At the time of checking the table, the staff only need to scan the handset and read the number accurately.
According to the introduction, by using bar code, the number plate can effectively improve the work efficiency and reduce the production cost, and lay the foundation for the next companys intelligent lookup. By then, the citizens will no longer be once a month to meter billing trouble, the staff does not need to open the user only in the office door, the little mouse can be done. The error of this kind of computer meter reading can be controlled within 1 per thousand, and the data can be "fixed" in every second.

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